In my practice of psychotherapy I listen closely to how you experience the world to help you resolve important questions about your relationships and your emotional life.

Questions like:

How can I be really close to another, without losing or compromising myself?
Who or what is “safe”, and how will I know it?
What can and will I do when safety disappears?
How have I learned to protect myself?  How can I continue to do so without “holding my breath”?
Who am I in safe times and how can I begin to know and grow this person: I’ve spent so long fending off harm…
How can I bring the person I am becoming into the foreground of my life, to be witnessed and confirmed in the relationships I build?
Are joy, intimacy, contentment possible for me?

In doing this, I draw on trauma-informed relational, process-experiential, yogic and systemic approaches to guide our work.

How it works…

To find out more about some of the specific issues that I have helped others with, click here.  You can also find out more about my practice philosophy and the particular ways of listening that I use.

To book a free 1/2 hour consultation by phone, video, or in person, contact me at:

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