I will be accepting new clients at the beginning of October 2018.  If you’d like to schedule an initial consultation by video before then,  email me at michelebertrand (at) hushmail (dot) com to set that up.

These therapists may have space if you are looking to connect earlier than this: Sheila Banerjee, Farzana Doctor, Mahboubeh Katirai, Carla Ribeiro, Forouz Salari, Angiela Teo, Kenya Thompson-Leonardelli, and Sly Sarkisova.

There is also lower cost therapy at these referral sites: Toronto Institute of Relational Psychotherapy and Gestalt Institute of Toronto.

In my practice of psychotherapy I listen closely to how you experience the world to help you resolve important questions about your relationships and your emotional life.

Questions like:

How can I be really close to another, without losing or compromising myself?
Who or what is “safe”, and how will I know it?
What can and will I do when safety disappears?
How have I learned to protect myself?  How can I continue to do so without “holding my breath”?
Who am I in safe times and how can I begin to know and grow this person: I’ve spent so long fending off harm…
How can I bring the person I am becoming into the foreground of my life, to be witnessed and confirmed in the relationships I build?
Are joy, intimacy, contentment possible for me?

In doing this, I draw on trauma-informed relational, process-experiential, yogic and systemic approaches to guide our work.

How it works…

To find out more about some of the specific issues that I have helped others with, click here.  You can also find out more about my practice philosophy and the particular ways of listening that I use.

To book a free 1/2 hour consultation by phone, video, or in person, contact me at:

michelebertrand (at) hushmail (dot) com