…how it works

As we go about daily life, some parts of us, such as our identities, our moods, emotions, or states of mind, might be heard at the expense of others; others might find or develop new ways of “speaking” within the mind and body to counteract this.   These patterns of silence, and of “speaking” can disconnect us from our own ability to know what’s true, bringing various forms of suffering, even as they strive for for something else.

gates and fences

The psychotherapy I practice helps you trace some of these patterns as they weave through your outer worlds, into your inner life, and back.  I listen to you in a way that notices, tracks and amplifies, so that the shape and pattern of relationships within and around you become clearer, and that different parts of you come to be more fully heard in concert with each other.     In this way, I work with you towards a deeper, more textured experience of your life: one that brings clarity as to what you most need, and the kinds of actions and directions to help get you there.

This is my hope for us in our work together.

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