Support in a pandemic

Local (Toronto) walk-in and 24/7 numbers for immediate, anonymous phone support are here

The viral pandemic that started in early 2020 has looped in, exposed and deepened other forms of risk and loss that many of us have been facing for much longer.    Health inequities, precarious work, and scarcity require many supports: structural, psychological, spiritual.

Here are some of the ways I can support you therapeutically through this:


calming the nervous system and listening to the body’s innate, moment to moment adaptability and resilience

listening and responding in particular to the body’s changing messages about comfort, needs, abilities

creating ‘elbow room’, from and between the different voices (or parts) that are anxious and reacting to anxiety in order to witness them more clearly

changing the internal dialogue you have with yourself in order to better to help you through the unknown

moving from abstraction to experience; decompressing feelings and emotion, exploring and clarifying their meaning, enhancing their ability to orient you more precisely to changes in your life; 

disentangling and discerning internal messages from media narratives and other dominant discourses about health, safety or vulnerability, as well as enhanced systemic/structural pressure 


restoring your somatic (embodied) sense of self as you move through medical and other institutions

re-establishing your role(s) and identities in relationships, family, community and life in general; identifying your path, vocation and what is possible that best fits your preferred ways of being

strengthening and developing communication and other practices of intimacy with others across physical and social distance

confronting, grieving and living through loss

…and more as it unfolds daily for you and those close to you.

Contact me at michelebertrand (at) hushmail (dot) com for a complimentary 1/2 hour consultation to talk about how we might work together.