My work is trauma-informed, and grounded in relational (interpersonal/intersubjective), process-experiential, and somatic (sensorimotor, yogic) practice within a critical psychology perspective that centers experience, meaning and identity within systems of power and oppression.   Together, these approaches emphasize listening to and tracking the moment-to-moment experience of being alive. They understand these moments as always unfolding within relationship, such as relationships we have with others, as well as relationships between various parts, aspects, and identities within ourselves, our body, and the different kinds and states of consciousness in which we live.  They see these relationships as isomorphic: they repeat patterns between the past and the present, and between what is internal to what we share with others, including the systems, institutions and discourses that surround us.

To book a complimentary ½ hour initial consultation, contact me at michelebertrand (at) hushmail (dot) com.