Personal Development

 I practice immersive ways of listening to better understand your experience.  Because of this, I continually renew my own sense of connection in myself so that I am better able to maintain a clear and open presence with you.

I do this in a number of ways.

I work to maintain a regular, spiritual practice that facilitates different kinds and processes of internal awareness, and that grounds me in bodily responses, thoughts and feelings as they arise or manifest.  I also consult regularly with another relational psychotherapist to help deepen how I understand what may be happening in my relationship with you. Finally, I am committed to my own personal therapy with another practitioner.  This furthers my own growth, and also enables me to stay in touch with the experience of another’s power that comes with being a client in therapy.

These practices help me work from an embodied place where I can notice experiences and processes we share, and can encourage us to be curious about them without being overwhelmed to the point of forcing things from awareness.  Developing my ability to do this with you is my constant, joyful striving.

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