Community Work

For over a decade I offered  workshops, workshop series and program length trainings.  Earlier on in my work, these ranged from peer counselling training and introducing people to anti-oppression ideas, values and ways of thinking and talking about the world, to creation skills such as writing, audio production and video making.  When I began to practice psychotherapy, my work turned to facilitating collective growth and development through emphasis on emotional and relational dynamics within the group and its experience of power.  Some of the ways in which I approached this included:

  • sharing theory about psychological processes and experiences (or psycho-educational trainings) within a critical context of culture, power and oppression
  • facilitating group reflection of and learning from its own dynamics as we experience them in the room
  • encouraging strengths- based inter-generational remembering of people within the group, and of the group as a whole
  • approaching all of these with arts-based formats and strategies to make best use of each person’s way of accessing their own experience and expressing it to others.

Click here to learn about the kinds of groups and workshops I designed and facilitated or co-facilitated.