Clinical Supervision

I meet the criteria set out by the CRPO for clinical supervision of its members.   

The clinical supervision I offer helps beginning therapists to learn about somatic, relational, emotion-focused and narrative approaches to psychotherapy in general, and to complex trauma, including the experience of systemic oppression in particular.  I draw on my own experience developing a systemic, anti-oppression perspective through my work in community development and social services. I also draw on my training and clinical experience in psychotherapy and working with complex trauma, as well as my theoretical and clinical training in the practice of clinical supervision.

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My approach to supervision emphasizes relationship and experiencing as primary ways of understanding our clients (i.e. conceptualization), and of developing ways to support them (i.e. choosing or designing interventions).  I help you attend closely to what is happening in your relationship with your clients, how you experience your encounters with them in the mind, heart and body, and how we can hold and make sense of what they might be experiencing of you.  I also pay close attention to what is happening in our dynamic, both as a way to strengthen the connection between us, and as a way of listening to other stories of what you and/or your client might be experiencing that cannot be named or talked about directly.   To help us in our work, I listen to you in particular ways as I incorporate role-play, interpersonal process recall (IPR) (particular use of audio tapes), two-chair or empty chair work, and artwork (drawing and painting) into our sessions.  I also support you in beginning to access research and theoretical writings about the work we are doing, as well as to discover the kinds of trainings and workshops that will help you strengthen your work with your clients and consolidate your identity as a psychotherapist overall.

To arrange a free ½ hour initial consultation by phone, video or in person, contact me at michelebertrand (at) hushmail (dot) com.