Land of the Hummingbird

I was born to mixed parentage (my father is Black/of African descent; my mother is East Indian), raised in Trinidad and migrated to Toronto in the early 1990s.   I quickly immersed in campus life at the University of Toronto and for the next decades I volunteered and worked in student activist, direct (social) service organizations and arts service organizations supporting women, queer and trans youth, Black, South Asian and other racialized communities in various cities.   There are many winding yet continuous paths throughout my story.  Threading through all my years of social justice involvement was my love for artists, writers and writing, poetry, spoken word and later, film production.   My emphasis on experiential process, or felt sense as a way of knowing, and as a path to recovery and resilience, stems from this.  Through these years too were many turns in my own personal journey.  I transitioned mind, heart and body.  I created family with others doing the same.   With and through them, I have learned many kinds and qualities of love, companionship, intimacy and struggle.   I also learned about illness, advocacy, and tremendous loss.    Finally, over these years I have returned again and again to spiritual practice.   I was raised in a religious and spiritual Caribbean Catholic community.  I knew little of the Hindu and Presbyterian roots on my mother’s side growing up.   Over many years I have returned to non-institutional Catholic (e.g mystic), Orisha and Vedantic (yogic) spiritualities, bridging, reconciling and enriching these through my beloved friends and family in Trinidad and Canada, and the many nuances and layers of who I am.

More information on my clinical training and ongoing personal and professional development is here