Ways of listening

The approaches I use offer me specific ways of listening in therapy.   In particular, I draw on  yogic listening, relational listening and narrative listening to help us in our work.

encounter new
“Nearing stillness”

Yogic listening

In my practice of yogic listening, I attempt a meditative focus on the feelings that arise and fade within me, or that I might glimpse or sense from you at the margins of what we are saying.  I prepare for this through yogic practices that help me cultivate a receptive mode of consciousness:  a kind of clearing within my own mind and body within which I might more clearly see or sense an image as it emerges, before it disappears, and before it becomes entangled and enclosed in a particular meaning or story.  There, in that spaciousness, however momentary and elusive, I can draw upon the image to ask about, echo or amplify something I notice in you that might have helped give rise to it, and that might be waiting at the edges of our awareness to be seen. My practice of yogic listening strives towards what is also known as empathic attunement .

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