Ways of listening

Relational listening

In my practice of relational listening I attend to the various “voices” in which we speak — the distinct moods, tones, and ways of experiencing life that go with the many selves to which we refer when we say “I”.  I track these voices as I listen to your stories.   It is like tracing the movements of different chords in a harmony to sense how each amplifies or masks the other at a moment in time, or beckons and releases the other in succession. In listening to your stories, I am thinking: how do your voices – the different facets of you – support, echo, mask or silence each other? How do these dynamics change as you encounter others in your present life, in memory, and now in our session together? What supports you in these dynamics, that helps you connect with and hear the different needs and wisdoms that reside in you? What blocks these connections, in a way that you would like to change?

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