Systemic approaches

I ground my practice of relational, process-experiential and yogic approaches to psychotherapy within a systemic, trauma-informed perspective to how our social and historical environments connect with internal experience.

Systemic approaches

Systemic approaches such as family systems theory and narrative therapy help me to trace how our internal dynamics both shape and are shaped by relationships, institutions and systems that surround us.  The suffering we experience in anxiety, depression, anger, or panic for example, are attempts to resolve something about those relationships, institutions and systems, and how we encounter them.  In this suffering are patterns of silence – and responses to that silence – within the mind, heart and body.  They echo the kinds of silences that are within and sometimes required by the worlds in which we move, at the same time as they find ways to challenge and resist them.  For this reason, I pay close attention to the ways in which your experience is marked by patterns of voice and silence, and to how these patterns echo and respond to what you encounter in the world.

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